Hey y'all, I'm Kelsey! 

I am a Target Dollar Spot and adventure-loving 6th grade math teacher dedicated to transforming chaotic classrooms into organized and engaging learning environments with effective¬†systems and checklists. ¬†With a passion for teaching and a knack for organization, I have created effective systems and checklists that help create a calm, productive classroom.¬†With the right classroom systems in place, you can reduce stress, save time, and focus more on what you love‚ÄĒteaching!


I help teachers create and implement effective classroom systems and checklists that streamline classroom management, boost student engagement, and promote a positive learning environment. By providing step-by-step guidance and practical strategies, I support you in creating an organized, and efficient classroom environment.


Do you struggle with classroom chaos?


Then you need this checklist to...

  • Streamline classroom management

  • Boost student engagement

  • Save time¬†

  • Reduce stress¬†

  • Promote a positive learning environment



Whether you’re just starting out as a first year teacher or looking to refine your current strategies, I’m here to support you with every system along the way. From daily routines and student engagement to behavior management and classroom organization, I provide the systems and support you need to transform your classroom.

After feeling overwhelmed by the constant chaos and lack of structure in my classroom, I had an "aha" moment! I realized that I could create simple systems and consistently use checklists for daily routines, planning, and student behavior management to streamline my classroom management and boost student accountability. The simple changes not only reduced my stress but also created a more organized and productive learning environment for my students. From that point on, I have been committed to refining and sharing my simple systems with other math teachers to help them create the organized and engaging classrooms and achieve the same success.