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What stage are you at with your classroom management systems ?


No matter where you are classroom management, I'm ready to help you transform your classroom from chaos to calm! 

Why you need Classroom Management Systems Coaching...

1. Clarity & Direction

You will gain clear, actionable steps to implement effective classroom systems that you can start using immediately. 

2. Efficiency

You will learn proven strategies and get personalized advice to save you time and reduce stress, allowing you to focus more on teaching and less on managing chaos. 

3. Confidence

You will gain the right tools and strategies to help you feel more confident in creating and maintaining a well-organized, chaos-free learning environment. 


  • For¬†teachers who are new to classroom management systems.
  • Learn the basics of setting up effective systems and checklists.
  • Receive some foundational classroom management strategies and step-by-step guidance.¬†
Beginners Coaching


  • Perfect¬†¬†for teachers with some experience who want to refine their classroom management systems.

  • Focus on enhancing existing systems and incorporating new techniques and systems.¬†

  • Get personalized tips and advice for improvement.

Intermediate Coaching


  • Ideal¬†for experienced teachers looking to master classroom management.

  • Deep dive into advanced classroom management strategies and solutions.¬†

  • Receive a comprehensive action plan and ongoing support for complex classroom management challenges.

Advanced Coaching

Your private coaching session includes:

  • A one-on-one Zoom call that you can schedule at your convenience
  • Practical advice and personalized strategies¬†
  • Support in setting up and refining classroom management systems.

Ongoing support and follow-up to ensure success.

  • A recording of the Zoom call¬†
  • A Google Doc of everything we discuss during the call¬†
  • One week (5 days) of emails with Kelsey for any follow up questions

Ready to transform your classroom?

Schedule your private coaching today and take the first step towards a calm, organized, and productive learning environment. 


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Kelsey Hardwick - Hardwick & Co.


Hey y all, I’m Kelsey Hardwick.

I am a Target Dollar Spot and adventure-loving 6th grade math teacher dedicated to transforming chaotic classrooms into organized and engaging learning environments with effective systems and checklists.   

I help teachers create and implement effective classroom systems and checklists that streamline classroom management, boost student engagement, and promote a positive learning environment. By providing step-by-step guidance and practical strategies, I support you in creating a calm, organized, and productive classroom environment.

I’m here to support you with every system along the way!